Saturday, July 28, 2012

More than commuting


I did something different than the usual 7 mile ride to work today. Got in a great team training ride with Crest / RBM cycling pushing through our favorite rollers this morning and then went a little further to complete 92 miles in this heat. I'm good for a while!


Sunday, July 15, 2012

Washing a helmet


Tried something I read about. How to clean a bike helmet.  Lather your hair in the shower and put the helmet on. Seemed to work okay. But it may be simnpler to just wash it in the sink!


Tornado warnings

From 6/13/2012

The storm warning sirens went off while I was at work.  I waited until they turned off and then rode home. It was kind of windy.  I only saw one person out on the way home and he seemed to be running faster than he wanted to be. Storm warniings will do that to you.


Commute update

From 6/9/2012

As of early June my bike to work commute average is 64%. Since I have to drive to work on race days that only leaves 4 bike days so I figure 3 of 4 possible days is pretty good.

Lots of rain

From 6/8/2012

On the way in I saw a crawfish on the bike path. Does that mean we had enough\ rain?

Singing in the Rain

From 6/7/2012

Was riding in with a light rain - might as well be singing like I am in the shower!