Thursday, March 28, 2013



I am definitely missing the bike riding. So much in fact that I have started doing something I swore I would not - to ride a stationary bicycle. Every time I see people riding them in the gym I tell them they are going nowhere. Ironically I now find myself going nowhere. The good thing is that I am doing fine and can ride and in fact get a good workout in the Spin classes. Although my shoulders and neck still get sore easily, I can get some real work for my legs and get my heart rate up as well.

So, until I can ride again (next checkup for X-RAYS is May 1st), I am looking at the Collin Classic as a ride on the horizon. Please look up for more information. Starting this year the Collin Classicit benefits CityHouse in Plano.

And while I am off the bike I need to see what is happening with Allen's Sharrows and bike trails and let you all know.


Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Off the bike for a while...


Well, December 27th brought another flair up of my neck pain. I have not been able to ride bike much recently. Yesterday I had a double disc replacement and fusion in my neck. Hopefully I'll be back on my bike in a couple of months.

Although I never get on those "exercise bicycles" that go nowhere, I have a feeling I'll be using one quite a bit in the next two months to keep in shape.

Please ride some extra miles for me.