Sunday, July 31, 2011

Ride to work or Relax to work...


My ride in to work Friday started the same way as most days. Warm air hitting my face and start to feel the humidity quickly. And then, I start to think about the work To Do list. My ride is becoming a ride to work. Then I have to decide to relax and put those thoughts out of my mind for the moment - I am just Riding - my destination may be Work, but I don't have to think about that for now. I am just enjoying a ride that is relaxing and enjoyable as usual. I begin to notice people walking, running, enjoying the morning. And I am doing the same - something that is not as easy to do in my car. I like to ride to work.


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Seeing more on the bike than in a car


When I rode in to work Monday I saw a dog heading down the sidewalk along McDermott. I soon realized nobody was with the dog. I changed course from the bike trail and rode up the embankment to the sidewalk and followed him for a while. He went past Twin Creeks and then toward Tatum. I called the Animal Shelter and left a message and then caught up with the dog again close to Erikson middle school. I tried to call to him and then went ahead of him and got off the bike, took the helmet off but he was still too scared. So, at the end of it all I could not help the dog, but I found that the bike mobility and the capability to ride up / down embankments and turn around on streets and sidewalks so easily made it much easier to follow the dog than if I had been in a car.
Another positive reason for commuting - go anywhere anytime!


Sunday, July 24, 2011

Tour de France and Allen bike commuting


Well, another Tour de France is complete. You may be wondering what that has to do with riding my bike to work. Not much, but, when possible, I try a criterium bike race on Tuesday nights (see ). That means instead of riding my bike to work, I drive and take my bike on the car and head to the races after work. It is a lot of fun and good exercise too. It is fun to ‘Bike to Work’ but I think it is even more fun to ‘Race to Win’. More to come about all that in future posts!


Saturday, July 23, 2011

Never too hot!


My blogs get a little less frequent as things get busy. But, I am still riding. And although I did not get to ride to work every day this week (I rode 3 of 5 days), I got in a bike race and on one of my bike commute days I did errands after work.

It was actually rather nice. I had to run an errand and drop something off at a store further south in Plano. So I found a decent route to get there and headed out from work in the 100+ temps. It felt good because it was drier than usual. And nothing feels better to me than getting around town on bike. In fact, after leaving the store, I saw an accident and was glad I do not deal with that on my bike (and if I ever do, it will not be pretty).

On the way home I was able to catch a bike trail with shade that got me about 4 miles from the house so it was a nice ride. Often I get asked, "Isn't it too hot to be out riding?" If you ask me that while I am out on my bike, I guess the answer would be 'NO'. Bike shopping anyone?


Friday, July 15, 2011

Yes, it is getting hot


The past few nights I have been leaving work a little later than usual. That usually does not seem like a nice thing, but, with the temperatures hitting above 100, leaving as the sun gets lower in the sky has been a nice change.

As long as you take a water bottle along for the ride, you should not have a problem in this weather. But remember that you have to stay hydrated during the day so you start off with enough liquids. Drink water throughout the day to stay hydrated.

It has actually been nice because it has been a little drier these past few evenings.


Sunday, July 10, 2011

How much do cell phones add to our life?


Cell phones sure are convenient to have. They help us stay connected to everything that is going on everywhere else. But sometimes I think we need to know what is going on around us; what is important to me right here and now?

Whether riding to work or just out on a fun W/E ride, I typically see an instance of a motorist not paying as much attention to their surroundings as they could had they not been on their cell phone while driving. Why isn't their driving and cutting me off at the turn more important than that call?

I used to think of a cell phone as a nice emergency tool - something to have with me in case I have trouble on my bike while out on a ride. But now I am concerned that a cell phone will be the reason that I will have trouble on my bike!

On a recent trip to California I thought they had the answer; a law that prohibits driving while using a cell phone unless it is hands free. But I was reminded that the law is only a law. It does not mean it is followed. So what would make cell phone usage safe?

Maybe we go back to our kindergarten training; don't do things that hurt others. There are many times that the use of a cell phone and driving are not a problem at all. But please, pause that call for a few seconds while you are passing me on my bike in busy traffic. Now that wasn't that difficult was it?

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