Friday, August 26, 2011

Biking isn't the only way to avoid driving my car.


Well, I have been too busy to update this more often. I am still riding when I can. I also look for other ways to avoid driving my car.
The other day I had a chance to test DART out a little. I flew in to Love Field from Austin and was able to take a DART bus to the rail station. From there, I took the green line to downtown and transferred to the red line up to the Parker road station.  I still had to drive home from there but a much shorter trip. If I would have left my bike at the Parker road station the day before I could have avoided the car altogether! Yes, it took a LOT LONGER but I had a book to read and some writing to do so I used the time wisely.
Give DART a try some time if you don’t already!


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