Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Slippery when wet!


I want to caution commuters that ride in the rain.  I rode in today just to do an update like this and tell you what to watch for.  An here is what I found:
Riding on the street may be safer once again for another reason.  As I rode on the trail in a very light rain, I noticed the creek bridges were slippery as expected.  Be careful not to change direction or brake suddenly on the wet wood.  Also, some of you may have some of these repaired bridges where they put a plate of metal from the sunken concrete up to the wooden bridge. These two foot long metal plates are very  "SLIPPERY WHEN WET".  I had to turn at the end of the bridge and must of been on the metal and went down very fast. So please be careful out there. Some things are not as they appear.

And, on the way home in the dark and rain, it is hard to see walkers and runners with no lights. Again, I feel safer in the street for that reason.

P.S. The crash was nothing too bad with light rash and just a limp for now.  Will see how the knee does as the days go on.  It feels better on the bike than walking right now so that is a good sign.

Ride on!



  1. Things back to normal Paul? Also, have you seen the new buses in Allen! Public transit is here!

    1. Yes, getting used to all the lights and reflectors again in the night riding season. I saw something about the ToGO buses but thought it read for those that work in Allen. I have to look into it more. I saw there will be a Hwy75 crossing up by Aleen Station Park with new trail sections.