Tuesday, December 24, 2013

End of year summary


Well, the year is almost over and I am looking back at my "Bike to Work" rate this year. I like to hit above 60% each year but did fall short this year due to missing 2 months after neck surgery.  Even with that I was able to make it back to about a 51% level.  The ice storm did not help much either as I missed three days there. I think the coldest day was 18deg for a morning ride.

I also have some challenges ahead as the fitness center at work is closing so that leaves me with wash cloth cleanings in the morning until they build some shower facilities later in the year.. That seems to work okay when it is 25deg in the mornings wut will not work well when it hits 60deg or higher..

The Allen bus service may be my answer in warmer weather with TAPS which goes by close to my work. We'll see how it goes.

Go out and ride this Holiday Season.


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