Saturday, May 21, 2011

Month Two...

ALLEN (May. 18, 2011) – Well, May 15th came very quickly for me and ended another month of cycling to work. I spoke too soon back in mid-April when I mentioned the great weather. The rain caught up with me and my ride to work average dropped from 71% two months ago to a low 33% this past month. That’s okay though since we really needed the rain more than I needed the riding. And since school is drawing to a close there are a lot of functions to attend after work as well and that affects the commute schedule.
I still try to get out on the W/E and put in a good 55 to 65 mile ride when possible. Those rides tend to get out a little further and we ride on some farm roads. It is tough with no shoulder since it makes it hard for cars to pass. Be careful when passing – we see a lot of cars passing even when they see oncoming cars.
I continue to realize that bicyclists need to pretend they are invisible but it is not always easy. When I see a car I assume they see me; that is not the case! Cars turning right do not always look for sidewalk pedestrians. I still feel better on the street where I am more visible and less likely to hit anyone.
I would love to hear from motorists that are not cyclists and better understand issues that are out there.
– What are your concerns about driving around cyclists?
- What do cyclists do that bug you?
- What suggestions do you have for cyclists?
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