Thursday, January 26, 2012

I Need to learn the Rain / Biking thing!


The rain has finally made it! We had 5.5 inches total here at our house yesterday. I caught the start of it Tuesday night on the way home. Not bad when you have all the fenders and waterproof gear for it (and you learn not to breate in water running down your face). It also helps when you have the garage at home to hang all the wet stuff. 
I have not figured out yet how to do that going to work in the rain. It is too messy for me to have to dry all that out and even worse to ride home in wet clothes. I know people in other areas do it. I will work on that.



  1. Karl, if there's no lightning, then it's just water. I'm with Paul on this one, but I'm lucky that I can just hang all my clothes up, put a fan on them, and get them dried out for the ride home.

    1. We have a bike room at work. Maybe I could put a fan in there on the clothes. That is a good idea.

    2. And a vent to take the moist air out of the room and pull in fresh air? Even cracking the door, if possible without creating a security issue, would work wonders. Good luck Paul!