Saturday, January 7, 2012

Bike Commuting at its best


Well it was a great start to a new year of Bike Commuting in Allen Texas!

I was able to ride to work all four work days on my fixie bike. It felt good to be relying on only the bike.

I started the week with a visit to a Planning and Zoning meeting after work Tuesday. Then on Thursday I had another meeting to go to that finished after 9pm. It was actually a lot nicer coming home later at night with less of the traffice to deal with.

So I am enjoying the new setup on my bike and so far have been doing a good job of watching for people ready to turn on red without watching for bike traffic.

The new fixed gear bike gave me the chance to ride to work without using brakes and that makes me watch for traffic issues a lot more - a higher sense of awareness is good for me to have!

Be safe out there fellow bike commuters!


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