Thursday, March 1, 2012

Amazing what bike awareness can do...


It has been very interesting to see what the residents of Allen are thinking now that we have some "sharrow" signs painted on a few roads in Allen. There is a lot of confusion on these new markings in town and it has started a lot of conversation (and a release of hidden frustration as well it appears). The concept is not new to those states that are working to integrate bicycle riders into the mainstream. It is actually just reminding everyone of what they should know - that bicycles per the law have the same rights and responsibilities as cars out on the road.

These are NOT bike lanes, just reminders that bikes are allowed out there. Many of us out there enjoy riding our bikes because we can, because it provides exercise, because we do it on our own power and do not rely on gas. Less polution sounds good to me and yes, I enjoy recycling! I am not trying to upset anyone; I am just trying to learn to co-exist on the same streets as cars.

I will see you on the road


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