Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Good, The Bad and “what was that?”


The day started out great. No better way to be riding in to work than to be riding over paintings done the day before that show a bicycle in the road with arrows to make drivers more aware to Share the Road with bicyclists. Signs will soon follow with that message – “Share the Road”. I am very glad to see this happening in Allen – Way to Go City of Allen! We can start getting inline with all those other states that are so bicycle friendly. (Twin Creeks / Suncreek drives)

The ride home was a little different – 25mph winds with gusts to 39mph. A little more of a workout across the wind but ohhh was it nice once I was riding with the wind. I have to admit; once I spun out on the single speed I wished I had some more high gears!

And now for the “what was that?”. On the morning ride in I was going against the wind. At a stop sign there was a large trash truck; a large drafting truck. I took off close to him and there was no wind bothering me. That lasted until a box flew out of the truck and luckily struck just my hands / handlebars and it then blew on over me. I backed off quickly as some other debris flew past me and I realized the error of my ways. Don’t draft off vehicles that can lose their load.

My new quote: “Sometimes things happen to help remind us of things we should not do. We may still think it is a good idea at times but try to remember that lesson we learned earlier; deep down we know it is not a good idea. {Paul Konrad, lessons I learned behind a trash truck, 3/6/2012}”

Enjoy the Ride,

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