Saturday, September 8, 2012



Although I enjoy commuting and cycling in Allen, I also enjoy rides that take me further than the city limits. Today was the perfect day to stretch out my ride. With the 20deg cooler temps (85deg today versus 105 yesterday) it felt refreshing out there. Of course that stiff north wind was truly a force to contend with. As I started to add on the miles through Allen, McKinney, Frisco and the ride with Bike Mart, I was thinking in the back of my mind that this may be the day to hit a hundred miles.

I left that thought simmering and tried not to focus on it. I was just out there to ride. I slowly entered and left Lewisville and worked my way back home (backtrack through Plano, Frisco McKinney). I took a long route and hit into the north wind so I could come home with it.. It was very nice and I finally got my 102miles in. This was my first century since I rode the 100miles in the HHH back in 2008 with two of my brothers.

It felt good (after I was done!) and I feel ready to do more in a few weeks. What a difference 20degrees makes!

Ride on!


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