Saturday, July 23, 2011

Never too hot!


My blogs get a little less frequent as things get busy. But, I am still riding. And although I did not get to ride to work every day this week (I rode 3 of 5 days), I got in a bike race and on one of my bike commute days I did errands after work.

It was actually rather nice. I had to run an errand and drop something off at a store further south in Plano. So I found a decent route to get there and headed out from work in the 100+ temps. It felt good because it was drier than usual. And nothing feels better to me than getting around town on bike. In fact, after leaving the store, I saw an accident and was glad I do not deal with that on my bike (and if I ever do, it will not be pretty).

On the way home I was able to catch a bike trail with shade that got me about 4 miles from the house so it was a nice ride. Often I get asked, "Isn't it too hot to be out riding?" If you ask me that while I am out on my bike, I guess the answer would be 'NO'. Bike shopping anyone?



  1. I applaud your hot weather riding. I try to ride all year, summer and winter, but I also have a Montague folding bike which makes it really easy for me to get around by a combination of bike and car - the bike fits right in the trunk. I have to drive at least part way to work each day, I live so far away and then ride the last 5 miles or so, but when it's really hot, it's hard to stay motivated. When I ride though, I save money on gas and parking...which really adds up over time.

  2. That is great, every bit of biking helps on gas $ and exercise. We have a fitness center right at work to change in so the sweaty mess is not an issue for me when in full cycling gear.