Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Seeing more on the bike than in a car


When I rode in to work Monday I saw a dog heading down the sidewalk along McDermott. I soon realized nobody was with the dog. I changed course from the bike trail and rode up the embankment to the sidewalk and followed him for a while. He went past Twin Creeks and then toward Tatum. I called the Animal Shelter and left a message and then caught up with the dog again close to Erikson middle school. I tried to call to him and then went ahead of him and got off the bike, took the helmet off but he was still too scared. So, at the end of it all I could not help the dog, but I found that the bike mobility and the capability to ride up / down embankments and turn around on streets and sidewalks so easily made it much easier to follow the dog than if I had been in a car.
Another positive reason for commuting - go anywhere anytime!


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