Tuesday, December 6, 2011

It's getting cold


Well, my new bike is now in full commute mode. I have the fenders, rear rack, raised handlebars and  front and rear flashing light. I think all I need is a bell. Raising the handlebars required new brake cables so I got some nice black ones and cut them to fit. This morning was the first time I realized I put the cables on the worng levers (my right brake lever should be the rear but is now the front). Oh well, I will get to that some other time.

This morning it was 30deg (same coming home this evening). Although it is getting cooler, as long as you dress for it you will be okay. When it is below freezing I actually like to use a Balaclava. It is great to keep warm but when wearing glasses, if you cover your nose you often get the glasses fogging up. I had that problem this morning and had to keep it over my mouth only.

It was a very nice ride. We had a dusting of snow last night so there was some snow on the cold wooden foot bridges. It was really nice to see my tire tracks be the first ones across those bridges.

Happy winter riding!


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