Friday, December 30, 2011

I am ready for a New Year and a New Commute


Since I had some time off this week I converted the commuter bike from the single speed to the fixed gear version. It was actually as easy as flipping the real wheel around but I also had to change the tire to have the correct tread direction (I did not think about that earlier). This also gave me a chance to fix my brakes right away.

I have been trying out the fixed gear and it will take some getting used to. Even trying to get on or off the bike is very different without being able to coast. And getting in the toe clips as they continuously move is awkward!

Since I have been trying to work on my track stand abilities I find it harder with the fixed gear since I no longer have the "back-coast" ratchet feature to keep my balance. I should be able to use the fixed gear to get some front / back motion but with a high gear it is very difficult to get the torque. My balance is also not good enough yet to go backwards - my next goal!

Happy New Year!


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