Sunday, February 19, 2012

A good W/E for bikes


Even though it was raining yesterday I did get to mix in some bicycling stuff during my errands. I heard from someone that the bike store in Allen already opened. They said they have been open a few months already. I was amazed since I did not hear about it until last week through an e-mail from a fellow cyclist in Allen. While I was there I bought a bell (yes a bell) for my commuter that should go well with the fenders :)

The new store is a Bicysles Plus store in the Villages of Allen just a door or two north of Mooyah burgers. Now that is a great combo! When you get a chance go say hi to them and welcome them to Allen! Oh, and buy a couple things while you are there so they can STAY in Allen.

On my way home I got to see the new Sharrow lane markings along Malone so that was a very nice day.

The rain stopped late Saturday night and once it warmed to the 50's Sunday afternoon I was able to get out for a nice ride up to (and around) McKinney. It is strange to be able to free wheel after being on the fixie all week. Well, the gears made for a good 40mile ride and got me ready for a good week of commuting ahead. With the rain done it looks like I will be able to ride to work most (if not all) week.

Get out and enjoy the streets and trails of Allen!


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