Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Why I ride my bike in the street


Last night reminded me of why I ride on the street (most of the time).  Riding home at about 8:30pm I thought I would spare the cars the need to work around me. I stayed on the sidewalk which I hate to do. Especially along areas that have no 'sidewalk'. Somewhere in the grass / dirt I got a flat. I had to jog the bike to an area with lights to change the flat.

I had a similar problem last week on a sidewalk area. The concrete is settling differently and the tire hit a high spot just right to cause a pinch flat. I normally ride on the street and now I remember why: Fewer flats!

This Spring the City of Allen will begin working on marking some streets as bike routes. That will be very welcoming to those of us that enjoy riding on the streets.

Thank You Allen!


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