Sunday, February 5, 2012

What color is your bike?


My wife tells me I am a #1 personality on the Enneagram. Yes, I do like to go by the book and follow the rules. Not only do I want to follow the rules but I expect others to do the same. And that is where problems can start.

When I ride my bike I am making an effort to stop at all intersections and follow the rules and I expect automobiles to do the same and give me my space. So how does a rule follower take it easy and let the world flow naturally around him without getting hung up on the “he should have”, “she should have” details.

The problem begins with me. You see, I am colorblind. That means I see things in Black and White, Yes or No and Right or Wrong. I have to keep reminding myself that the World is not black and white but full of endless color. The World is so colorful because it is made of people that are so different and colorful in their own way. You just can’t be black and white; you need to see the full breadth of the color spectrum to understand and be compassionate to people around you.

For me I guess it will start by looking for more shades of gray in everything I do. I have to try and understand that everyone has some reason for doing things the way they do. They are not necessarily mad at the bicyclist; they just don’t see him/her. Sometimes I don’t pay enough attention to what is going on around me when I am driving so I can start by doing that before I criticize others.  

I will again try to be more open minded out there on my bike. When I start thinking “You are doing that wrong” (which means I must know what is right), I will have to realize I am once again seeing black and white when the goal is to see all the colors!

Here is looking forward to a great rainbow in the sky!



  1. Paul, there is one way "he should have" does directly impact you and me. On my commute, I have to wait at a light at Greenville Rd. and Lookout Drive in Richardson. I kept getting yelled at, flipped off, and generally antagonized creating a mystery for me. Until another cyclist rolled up next to me one morning, and promptly blew through the light; cutting off three motorists as they had a green light. By simple transference, I became the light runner, and thus the target of much scorn. No, it's not unreasonable to expect others to follow the rules too. We all suffer if they don't.

    1. Yes, very good example of how what 'we do' can impact others!