Monday, February 6, 2012

Just a few hickups...


Well it was a good commute day on the bike. Off to the Chiro in Plano after work, Then right from there back to Allen to discuss some items at Two Rows then to a city meeting at the police department. Somewhere along the way I lost my long sleeved jersey from my back bike rack. Then on the way home (cold without the jersey) I tried to ride off the road and got a flat. But I was prepared and got it fixed (note to self: that a fender on the back tire makes it harder to change a flat). Nice to know you can get by without the bike (even though it is not always easy). Oh, then i got home and pumped up the tire all the way. It blew out about an hour later. So, i just put another tube in and hope it lasts until I get more!  This time I made sure I had the tire well balanced all the way around!

Ready for what tomorrw brings (and by now tomorrow is almost here).


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